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Fire Prevention and Awareness

During 2021, our volunteer firefighters responded to 27 structure fires, 90 Wildland fires, 14 vehicle fires, 19 dumpster/trash fires, and over 100 motor vehicle accidents. In total, our volunteers clocked almost 3,000 hours of service in the field in 2021 alone! It is important to remember that many of us live and work in remote areas of Fremont County and it takes extra time to get there. So when a fire call goes out, it takes time for our Volunteer Fire Fighters to travel from their jobs or homes to the Fire Hall. Then it takes additional time for the Fire Trucks to travel to the location of the fire. The more our citizens can do to prevent fires in the first place, the better equipped our communities will be to keep everyone safe! Here, you can find links to valuable information that will help you be proactive in keeping yourself and others safe from the threat of a fire. If followed, these tips will help keep everyone safer at home, school, campus, work, and wherever you might find yourself.

Flame Fires

Did you know that cooking and candle burning are two of the major causes of open flame fires in the home? Here are some things you can do to make these activities safer.

Information and Suggestions for Children

While we focus mainly on fire safety and prevention, we also want to share some resources for parents on how to keep their kids safe online. The following are several websites that can help you teach your children online safety.

Summer Safety Concerns

Summer is a time for fun! But it also brings with it some special safety concerns. From the dangers of backyard grilling to fireworks on the Fourth of July, check out these safety tips so you can enjoy your summer in a way that’s both fun and safe.

Winter Safety Concerns

Winter brings with it some of our favorite holidays – which, in turn, can bring an increased risk of fire and other accidents. Take a look at some of these safety tips to keep your holidays happy.

Here, you can find valuable information on protecting your property from the dangers of wildland fires. There are many basic, simple steps you can take to mitigate the risk to yourself and your property.

Weather is an important factor in fire safety. When the conditions are dry, it’s critical to be extra vigilant if you’re using open flames. We plead with you to be aware of what the weather is doing as you plan and enjoy outdoor activities, especially during the dry seasons of the year.

Monthly District Scheduled Trainings

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