Formed in 1993, the Fremont County Fire District brought twelve rural and small-town fire departments together into one organization. We are part of a tradition that is founded on pride, dedication, and commitment to providing emergency services to our friends, neighbors, and communities. We love Fremont County and are proud to serve!

Who We Are

The Heart Of The District Lies With Its Volunteers

Imagine living life in rural Fremont County without having first responders to rely on in times of crisis. Fortunately, that's not a scenario that any of us will ever have to experience. Our brave volunteers make life better and safer for our fellow Fremont County residents - from Dubois to Atlantic City and everywhere in between! The Fremont County Fire District has over 200 volunteer firefighters, who have dedicated hundreds of hours to serving the communities in which they live. Not only are they highly trained, but they also care deeply about their fellow Fremont County residents on a personal level. We are endlessly grateful for their service, sacrifice, and commitment, and dedicate this website to them.

Volunteer Spotlight

Kenneth Ferris

Kenneth Ferris has been a Fremont County Firefighter since 2011. He is a member of Fort Washakie Fire Dept and currently holds the position of Assistant Chief, having also held past positions of Lieutenant and Training Officer. When not responding to calls and devoting time to the fire dept, Kenneth enjoys hunting, hiking, spending time in the mountains, traveling, watching sports and spending time with his family.


Fire Protection Is Just The Beginning

No one would be surprised to learn that protecting our communities from the dangers of fire is our primary focus. But did you know that we also teach fire prevention, perform inspections, and assist with rescues and EMS needs? Our versatile volunteers stand ready to help in whatever way is needed. In the past, we have responded to structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle accidents/fires, and more. As residents of Fremont County ourselves, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the unique challenges that rural areas present when it comes to fire protection and prevention.